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After checking out this page about San Diego Market Report, you should be able to judge the direction of mortgage rates and the trends in home prices in your favorite San Diego neighborhood. You’ll even get insights into who is moving into San Diego and who the new buyers of these properties are.

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San Diego Homes Price Charts.

La Jolla Median Sales Price 2024
University City Median Sales Price
Clairemont Median Sales Price
Bay Park Median Price
Delmar Median Sales Price
Tierrasanta Median Price
Mira Mesa Median Sale Price
Imperial Beach Median Sales Price
Linda Vista Median Price
Chula Vista Median Price
Pacifc Beach Median Price
Poway Median Price
Carmel Valley TOWNHOMES Median
University City UCSD Townhomes
La Jolla TOWNHOMES Median
Pacific Beach TOWNHOMES
Houses in La Jolla overlooking Mission Beach
Over looking La Jolla Shores

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The Ten Year Yield is a useful indicator for predicting the direction of mortgage rates. Generally, you can add about 2.25% to the ten-year T-bill rate to estimate the mortgage rate.

When looking at the Ten-Year T-Bill Chart, you can determine whether the rate is going up or down:

  • If the rate is going up, it’s a sign of inflation. In this case, don’t wait; buy a house today.
  • If the rate is going down, it’s a sign of deflation. In this case, it’s okay to wait to buy a house.
    • In my opinion, if the Ten Year T-bill drops below 3.35%, we’re likely headed lower. This indicates a struggling market, with banks making less money and thus lending less. This may make it harder to get a loan, housing inventory may rise when homeowners feel they are losing their equity. (May start the big unravel) Otherwise, if rates don’t break the 3.35 level, but just hover around, then the market should continue to rise. (Just my thoughts) 

San Diego Market Reports by Zip codes.

The links below will let you see the current (weekly updated) market reports. However, I believe that data without a professional realtor’s insight is incomplete. Feel free to reach out for an “on-the-ground” explanation of the market conditions.

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