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Mike Frey – Your Listing Agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties, La Jolla, CA.

San Diego means more to me than just another listing to me. Actually at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, It’s ALL about YOU! My secret is Listening to YOU. It’s your house, your hopes & dreams. My goal as a Listing Agent is to get you what you want from the sale of your house. By Listening to you, I can develop a strategy to positioning your property to attract the highest offers. I know it funny to hear a Listing Agent say Listening is the most important attribute. (But it is) The key to selling houses is “Getting Eyeballs” on your property. It leads to more offers, that’s more money in your pocket. Simple.

Mike Frey Listing Agent Bus Bench
Mike Frey Realtor Bus Bench.

As a Listing Agent,

I use creative along with time tested strategies. I do have my finger on the pulse of the market, and today its all about Marketing.

The trick is, I investing my own money in Marketing to sell your house. I am taking the risk of the house not selling and you pulling the listing. That’s the business risk i take when I except a listing. So, if it take the listing, it will sell.

Contact Mike Frey (Realtor) Listing Agent 858-330-1242 or [email protected]. You can always send me a message? (Click Here)

Tips for selling your house. Video 1:13 min.

Mike’s Unmatched Approach to Listening to you.

Strategy, every house is different.

I listen to you, my client. I will use the full power of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. They are a worldwide powerhouse. Adworks, and pitch to Broker/Realtor Caravans; Some will get radio and TV ads. It will happen fast.   

Understanding Mike’s Unique Strategy

I trained as a professional Salesperson through Medical Sales. Listening was my key to success in Medical sales. I attended Sales Schools and Courses like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Ziglar, DISK, and many others.

My Medical Device career spanned over 25 years, specializing in Orthopedic implants. This required me to negotiate with hospital purchasing managers continually. Basically this experience deals with high-stakes, big-dollar hospital negotiations with physician board members to secure lucrative deals in a competitive market. This Laid the foundation for my exceptional negotiating skills in real estate. I ended my Orthopedic career by selling my company to Wright Medical, now Stryker. (I worked for both companies for many years)

Why Traditional and Cutting-Edge Techniques?

Comparatively my strategy is a potent mix of time-tested methods and modern marketing innovations. From print ads to social media campaigns, Pinnacle Programs this especially ensures your property gets the exposure it deserves, furthermore it gets potential buyers’ attention. Generally my Secret Weapon is the depth of support from industry contacts and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices managers and specialized executives to offer additional ideas of what is working in today’s market.

The Art of Highlighting Your Property’s Distinct Features. “Tailoring Strategies for Maximum Appeal.”

– Beyond the Basics: Using Drones and 3D Scans

Firstly in a market flooded with listings, your home needs to stand out. I uses drone footage and 3D scans (Matterport) to offer potential buyers a unique perspective of your property, making it altogether memorable and more desirable.

– The Impact of Personalized Marketing

Maximizing Exposure: Mike’s Marketing MasteryReaching the Right Audience Everywhere by Listening.”

Contact Mike Frey (Realtor) Listing Agent 858-330-1242 or [email protected]. You can always send me a message? (Click Here)

Leveraging the Power of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

With access to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ vast network, I can ensure your listing reaches beyond local buyers to a global audience, henceforth the chances are further like professionals.

Going Global: International Marketing

No longer a luxury its a necessity. My approach includes listing your property on platforms that attract international buyers, opening up a whole new market.

Contact Mike Frey Listing Agent (Realtor) 858-330-1242 or [email protected]. You can always send me a message? (Click Here)

Listing on Premier Platforms for Maximum Visibility

Zillow, Realtor.com, and Beyond

Exclusive Listings: BHHS Luxury Collection

Listing your home with BHHS Luxury Collection ensures it’s seen by buyers looking for something extraordinary, increasing your chances of attracting a qualified buyer willing to pay a premium. That’s what listing Agents do.

Featured Residence and This is Living

It will be featured, drawing more attention and, ultimately, more offers, thanks to my strategic placements on high-visibility platforms.

The Importance of National and International Marketing

Quality Visuals and Hard Copy Promotion

Presently understanding the power of visuals in today’s market, I collaborates with the best photographers and videographers to showcase your home in its best light. These tangible advertisements bring a sense of reality and substance, often missing in digital-only campaigns, ensuring your property remains unforgettable.

Leveraging Social Media and Influencers

Strategy extends into the digital realm with a savvy use of social media and collaborations with influencers.

With Mike Frey as a Listing Agent, you should sell you property at the highest price possible.

Call me, Mike Frey 858-330-1242 or email [email protected]

Transparent and Measurable Results

Investment in marketing your home is made specifically through weekly updates, providing you with real data and metrics that measure the effectiveness of our strategies. This significantly ensures that every dollar spent is working towards increasing your home’s visibility and attracting qualified buyers.

Sales Management Techniques of Measurement

As your Listing Agent, I uses sophisticated sales management techniques to identify and engage with qualified buyers. By Listening to my customer, I will be a leg up on my competition. By analyzing behaviors and responses, I can efficiently target potential buyers who are genuinely interested in your property, streamlining the sales process and focusing on offers that are likely to close.

Services Offered

  • Strategic Marketing Planning: Customized marketing strategies that align with your homeā€™s unique selling points.
  • Professional Photography and Videography: High-quality visuals that capture the essence of your home.
  • Hard Copy Promotions: Tangible advertisements that leave a lasting impression.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns: Broad-reaching online strategies to target the right audience.
  • Transparent Reporting: Weekly updates and metrics to track the progress of your listing.
  • Qualified Buyer Identification: Using data-driven techniques to focus on genuine buyers.
  • Pinnacle Program
Mike Frey Realtor Office in La Jolla

Questions and Answers “Q&A”

Q: How does Mike Frey differentiate his listings? A: basically a unique combination of high-quality visuals, hard copy promotions, targeted social media campaigns, and strategic marketing planning tailored to each home.

Q: Can I expect regular updates on the marketing efforts? A: Absolutely. Mike provides weekly updates with real metrics and data to keep you informed on the effectiveness of the marketing strategies employed, subsequently.

Q: How do I target potential buyers?

A: By leveraging data-driven sales management techniques to identify and engage with buyers who show genuine interest and have the potential to make serious offers.

Q: What makes hard copy promotions effective in todayā€™s digital age? A: Hard copy materials create a tangible connection and a lasting impression, complementing digital strategies and ensuring your home stands out in a crowded market.

Q: How can I get started with Mike Frey? A: Contact Mike Frey at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties to schedule a consultation and discuss your homeā€™s unique attributes and market potential.

Contact Mike Frey (Realtor) 858-330-1242 or [email protected]. You can always send me a message? (Click Here)

Contact Mike Frey (Realtor) 858-330-1242 or [email protected]. You can always send me a message? (Click Here)

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