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Many people are interested in purchasing rental property in San Diego to live in part-time and rent out when they’re not in town. In San Diego, this is known as “Short-Term Residential Occupancy” (STRO). There are specific rules you need to follow to be successful with this type of rental.

A vacation rental in San Diego is a fantastic idea and can be extremely profitable. I can help you find the perfect rental property and recommend a few property managers for you to interview. While I don’t manage properties myself, I can connect you with trusted professionals who do.

While Mission Beach Tier 4 has sold out of permits, there’s still a chance for you! You can secure a spot on the waitlist after purchasing your property.  I’m optimistic that with some effort, you could secure a permit; there is a waitlist. But the wait could be over 7 years.  You will need to do your own research. Contact the City of San Diego for details. (STRO City Link)

Quick Notes:

STRO  =  Rentals less than 31 Days

Tier 4    Mission Beach Exclusively. More than 90 Days Per Year. (Sold Out) 

Tier 3    Vacation Rentals Excluding Mission Beach. More than 90 Days Per Year. Outside Mission Beach. (YES, Some Available) 

Tier 2   Hosts live on the property, renting over 20 days per year. 

Tier 1    Renting aggregate of less than 20 Days per year.

Rentals over 31 days are NOT STRO. So, these rules don’t apply.

Houses for Sale in Pacific Beach & Mission Beach. Click the Links to see the Listings. Call me if you want to view anything. Make sure to sign up/Sign in.

Spectacular Places for Sale 

For Sale 1 to 3 Million

For Sale Under 1 Million

For Other Areas outside MB & PB

Point Loma

Ocean Beach

Coronado Island

Imperial Beach 

(Coronado & Imperial Beach is not part of the City of San Diego STRO program) 

San Diego Short-Term Rental Rules May be Confusing for some.

As a Realtor in San Diego, my responsibility is to assist and advise you during the home search process. I’ve created this page because many people ask me about Short-Term Residential Rentals near the beach. The concept is amazing: buy your vacation home and rent it out when you’re not living there. I think this is a fantastic idea.

There are a few steps you will need to take on your own (as a Residential Realtor, I am not licensed to deliver legal advice). Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Hire a Realtor who is a Buyer’s Representative. Sign a Buyer’s Representative and Broker’s Compensation Agreement, affectionately called a “BRBC.” There is no charge to work with a Buyer’s Representative until you purchase a property.

  2. Contact a property manager who specializes in short-term rentals in the area where you want to buy a vacation property. (Many companies in San Diego do this.)

  3. Contact a local real estate attorney and develop a relationship with them for help navigating the San Diego license processes.

  4. Find a property you like, and confirm with your lawyer and property manager that the property meets your desired plan.

  5. Get the Green Light? Work with your Me agent to write a Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) and submit an offer to buy.

Remember, while Mission Beach has sold out of permits, there’s still a chance for you! You can secure a spot on the waitlist after purchasing your property. Although it’s not a guarantee, I’m optimistic that with some effort, you could secure a permit. 

Quick Contact: [email protected] or call 858-330-1242 (Feel free to call me. Let’s talk about real estate.)

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