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Michael Frey - Real Estate Agent. DRE#02069869

Michael Frey - Real Estate Agent. DRE#02069869

Discover your home's value "on-line" for free?  (Click the link below)    


Discover your home's value "on-line" for free?  (Click the link below)    


Experience is Everything


Why chose Me as your Real Estate Agent? My Past works experience previous to my career as a Real Estate Agent is in Sales/Technical Sales and as a Business Owner of a Medical Device distributorship. And I don't work Alone, I work with an amazing team of "all stars"  Real Estate professionals. My team of Managers, Mentors and Affiliates at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C.P. is #1 in La Jolla. This massive team of historical expertise and information that give me a competitive edge over the "local independent agent".

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Looking to buy a Home?


Buy Side: Leasing or Purchasing a home? Regardless if you are looking for a Condo or Mansion either in La Jolla/University City or anywhere in San Diego? I can find your perfect home at the price that makes you smile.  How, I am not afraid to negotiation with the seller. (it is what i do best.) I can help you with every step of your real estate home purchase processes. All the paperless transactions and disclosures will be explained to you with confidence and expertise. I will make your transaction smooth and easy. I promise.  

Buy Side Benefits to Owning a Home

Looking to Sell your property?


Selling Real Estate: as your Real Estate Agent I have the knowledge and experience to even the most difficult properties. Selling property takes $ and a budget from the agent,(Me) this places me as you partner in selling your home. I have a vested interests in getting you the top price as soon as possible. Photographs for the web, (Zillow,WSJ,Realtor.com, 250 websites) Drone videos, Print media  and a Multi-Channel approach. First step is to introduce you home to 40,000 Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate agents, to get the first showing.    

Sell Side: selling your home with me is a smart decision

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Marketing you may see


Bus Benches

Yes, I use traditional Marketing.  Berkshire Hathaway brand brings visibility and expertise to my Real Estate business. When you work works with me, you working with World Class Expertise. 


My local monthly mailing included 5000 of my closes friends and neighbors. If you are luck enough to receive my monthly Post Cards, your welcome :) , 

Door Hangers

I drop off 1000 to 2000 door hangers a month, they include the local Sold home pricing, There is not charge for the door hanger. Your benefit is: "You should always know the present value of your home," 

*NOTE*   I do NOT use "Robo-Calls" or harassing expired listing phone calls. (I don't like them either) 

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

Click on the picture to go to my Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Website for tons of information. Either in La Jolla or University City, I can help you on either the  Buy side/Sell side, Use this site as your Real Estate Resource center.  

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Click below and you can discover how much you home may be worth. But for an actual "Go to Market" price. You really should talk to me for that kind of information. (Just call, its a free service that i do for potential customers.

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Inside my Berkshire Hathaway Website


My Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties website is a Rich, data filled website that can really educate you on the San Diego Real Estate market. How to buy/sell homes. Search for properties on my MLS service for free. Everything you need, but feel free to call me and ask questions if you want specific questions answered.

Home Web site BHHS LJ

Site Content


Free APP services for your use courtesy of Mike Frey

Home Snap App (Free)  Search by Schools Districts. Or check out what houses charge for Rent.  

Home Snap App

My Berkshire Hathaway App. Use Artificial Intelligence to your advantage a search for homes in you proximity.  Very easy to use app. Works great!

Berkshire Hathaway La Jolla App

Tax Reduction Ideas


Mills Act, San Diego

Some properties have historical significance in San Diego. Significant homes may be, the year it was built, the Architecture design or even the Architect. Attached it a link to the San Diego City Mills Act PDF.

Mills Act PDF

PROposition 60

Proposition 60 - IF you live in a two-story home and wish to move to a one-story home, you may be worried about the new home property tax increase. If you purchase a new home for less that the home you are selling, you may be entitled transfer your current property tax to your new home. That can be a HUGE savings. Proposition 90 allows the counties that Proposition 60 can be use.   

Proposition 60

Proposition 90

 Proposition 90 – Determines what county proposition 60 is available.

Proposition 90



1031 exchange is like swapping assets, It’s is not only used for real estate but other assets that are used for business. Many rules apply, there are also many companies who are willing to help for a fee.     

Home Modifications


ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit (Granny flat)

What is an ADU and can i build one on my property? (Granny Flat)  IF you have question about the New Adjusted Property Tax as a result of building an ADU. Then call me. 

Find out more about ADU

Zoning - San Diego

Interested in learning about Zoning? 

SD Zoning guide

San Diego County Clerk Assessor

One time Supplementary Tax. I don't have a good reason why the county feels that they deserve to charge a supplementary tax to home buyers, but they do, It is an unwelcome one time "tax" bill sent to you after you purchase you home, around 3-9 months after the sale, It is not calculated in your Escrow or home purchase paperwork so you may not know it coming.  I always tell my clients about the upcoming one time tax. This link can help understand why they tax the home owner, and how much it will be.

Supplementary Tax Calculator


One of my favorite sites for Real Estate Calculators.



Mike Frey talking about declining Interest Rates and how it effects home buyers.


Question?  Are you comfortable or are you home?  Ask yourself what really important.


Home made memories are for life. But memories made at home last for generations. 


Start you story, let find that perfect place called home. Let life truly begin. 


Trust, Integrity we will be here 100 years from now. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Memo from Warren Buffett


Be in the exclusive Mike Frey "Inner circle" get the latest Real Estate information first! Exclusive content with "live" real market data. Must have info to "wow" your friend as those "posh" parties or football tailgates. (your e-male will be deleted if you if your no longer interested in the "exclusive and memorizing golden nuggets" and data. :)

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Michael Frey

My friends call me "Mike". The "State of CA DRE board" calls me Michael  :) 

California License - DRE# 02069869

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