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Services in San Diego "Moving in"

I’m sharing a list of companies owned by individuals whom I’ve personally met and find to be trustworthy and ethical in their business dealings. I have no vested interest in endorsing any of them, nor do I receive or expect any compensation. My sole intention is to recommend these services as potential assistance for your relocation needs, whether moving into or out of San Diego.

Contact ME if you have questions. 

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List of Services to help you with your move

  1. Moving Companies: Professional movers who can pack, transport, and unpack your belongings. (Collage H.U.N.K.S, Listed Below)  
  2. Storage Solutions: Temporary storage units if you need to store your items during the move. (A Smart Move Can Help)
  3. Utility Setup Services: Companies that handle the setup of utilities at your new home, like water, electricity, and internet.(I will send you a list when you buy or sell with me)
  4. Cleaning Services: Hire cleaners for deep cleaning of your old place and the new one. (Cleanology)
  5. Home Organization Services: Experts who can help organize your new home efficiently.(Two to choose from Featured Below)
  6. Furniture Assembly Services: Professionals to assemble and arrange your furniture. (Handyman or I can help with this)
  7. Junk Removal Services: To get rid of unwanted items before the move. (Collage H.U.N.K.S, Listed Below)  
  8. Home Security Installation: Setting up security systems in your new home.(I like and use ADT).

I think these are Standout Services. (I Recommend)

Silver Linings Transitions

Imagine moving and never having to pack or unpack a single box?¬†Our team of ‚Äúmagicians‚ÄĚ and comprehensive move management services combine unpacking and organizing services, transforming what is typically a stressful experience into an enjoyable and seamless process.

Recommended Service.

Call 760-552-1624

Silver Lining Transitions Home Moving Service
Call 858-206-9488
Local Small “Family Owned & Operated” Business in San Diego. Easy to work with and doing a great job. (Recommended by Mike)
Mike Frey Realtor. Recommended vendors

List of Handyman and Household Vendors in San Diego.

¬† ¬†Electrician’s****¬†

  • Michael Soto¬† A.P.E.S. (760) 497-5457¬† ¬†(Electrical Wizard) “zap”

****He did work for me and did a great job at, a super fair price. 


  • Mike Sullivan 619-806-9864¬† Handyman, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Drywall. etc.¬†¬†


  • Kristen Weiss Certified Notary. She has got the be the best Notary in San Diego, if not the state. She knows her stuff. 714-745-5743


  • Simon Clayburn 619-569-3562¬† They did a great job, Amazing Tacos at Kellogg park, La Jolla Shores. (~150 people)¬†

   ADU consultant

   Tree Trimming:

   Tree Removal

  • Artistic Arbor Gardens. 619-440-8911 Website

   Asphalt Paving and Patching:

  • Fortino Garza 760-535-1377

   Chimney Sweeping and Repairs

  • Richard Losey 800-793-3763

   Deck Repair

  • Daniel Painting 619-244-9494

   Estate Sales. (Downsizing for Senior) Selling household stuff.

  • Catherin Walters 858-333-1853 Website
  • ¬†

   Granite Repair

San Diego Granite Repair. 858-848-7347

   Seniors and their families transition from living at home to living in a senior community.

[email protected]¬† ¬†Website

   Mole Remediators/Mold  Removers.

  • Art Gutierrez 619-957-1730

   Piano Tuning

  • Carl McCullough 619-466-5033


  • John Padilla Plumbing (and son)¬† Website

Highly Recommended, Fair Price, Reliable.

   Popcorn Ceiling Removers 

  • Armando Aguilar 760-845-5810

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